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Ariel Atom US Engine Options and Pricing
By Mark Sanew - Dezoris - Editor: Jaroslaw Szymanski
Sep 5, 2005, 21:00

The Ariel Atom US models now have target prices, and engine options specified. A configurator will be available to customers soon.

Surprisingly if the buyer is out for a budget model, that can be had for nearly $36,000. While Brammo speculates that higher HP numbers are possible even at 145HP the driver can expect to hang with a Porsche 911 Turbo up to about 100MPH due the extreme power to weight ratio of the Atom. Although, keep in mind all of these prices here are for vehicles configured with little to no options, such as the road pack.


Ariel Atom USA Honda 2.0L K20z3

This power plant will likely come out of the US production Honda Civic Si, along with the drive train. The benefits of this are clear, having service and parts available from the local Honda dealership is much easier than supporting an R-Spec motor from Japan not currently used in any production Hondas imported to the states.

Ariel Atom USA Brammo Tuned 2.4L ECOTEC w/ VVT

Since GM has been eager to assist in engine supply. Brammo will get a 2.2L, 2.4L and a 2.0 Supercharged version of the ECOTEC motor with variable valve timing. Many enthusiasts have scoffed these motors, however it is well known that these motors are extremely bulletproof, many being turbocharged up to 350HP with factory internals. Depending on the model, Aisin made transmissions will also be used. Aisin produces many of the 6 speed and 5 speed manual transmissions for Honda, Toyota, and even the 6 speed in the Honda S2000.

Ariel Atom US

Initial Engine Options and Estimated Prices
Est. MSRP w/ minimal options
All prices are not final nor are HP numbers.
GM Engines HP figures will likely increase by at least 5-10%
Brammo Ecotec 2.2 $35,000 145 HP/ 155 Ft./lbs.
Brammo Ecotec 2.4 $38,000 171 HP/ 163 Ft./lbs.
Brammo Ecotec 2.0 Supercharged $40,000 171 HP/ 163 Ft./lbs.
Honda K20 (k20z3 Not advertised however likely) $40,250 USDM K20z3 200-225HP
Honda K20 Supercharged $45,750 (K20z3) 290-300HP

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