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Nissan 350Z
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Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z Last Updated: Aug 16th, 2006 - 11:01:00

Tilton Clutch and Flywheel Installed
By Igor Sushko
Jul 18, 2004, 14:03

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June 3rd - 4th, 2004
The Twin-Plate Carbon/Carbon clutch and lightweight flywheel arrived from Tilton Racing in the mid-afternonn on June 3rd. We had to install it before the departure to New York, as we had to get there by the evening of the 4th. However, the body work was not yet done, so Nick Walker and I had to wait for Jon to complete everything. We finally got to installing the clutch in the evening on the 3rd. We ended up working the the entire night, receiving help from 3 other people in dropping/lifting the transmission. The XERD headers hug the transmission in such a way that at one point we thought removing headers might be necessary for the tranismission to drop (Another 10-12 hours... yikes!). After 6 separate attempts, the transmission slipped through and we got to business. By the time the transmission was bolted back on, it was already June 4th, the day to leave for Players Run! But we were not done - the spark plugs had to be replaced and the car had to be decked out with our sponsor stickers ... weird noises kept on coming out of Street Sports until well past 4:00 AM on June 4th.
With absolutely no sleep, Igor Sushko drove off to New York at 6 AM.
We would like to thank Jason and Jeff at Performance Nissan of Duarte, CA, Tilton Racing, and most of all everyone at Street Sports for meeting this very strict deadline.

Thank you Street Sports!
Thank you Tilton!
Thank you Performance Nissan!
Tilton Twin-Plate Carbon Clutch - so pretty Tilton Lightweight Flywheel New fender fitted on the car The entire clutch weighs a mere 6 lbs The flywheel is 8.6 lbs Clutch and flywheel total 14.6 lbs - looks like the Law of Conservation of Matter is indeed valid Direct comparison of Tilton's 7.25'' clutch to the stock clutch The transmission is off! The stock, old, ugly clutch and flywheel Tilton flywheel in place and the clutch ready to be bolted on After the new clutch was put in, Nick Walker replaced the spark plugs. We picked Greddy (NGK) 5-degree plugs, which are 2 degrees colder than stock (7) The Nissan 350Z stock clutch and flywheel weigh a total of 45.2 lbs! KW Suspension decal Yes, more stickers Very messy Yokohama decal AF windshield banner going on 3:37 AM, June 4th and we're still not done! Cool angle

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