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Author Introduction - M.Sanew (Dezoris)

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Author Introduction - M.Sanew (Dezoris)
By Dezoris - M. Sanew
Jul 13, 2004, 13:08

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My name is Mark, I am an Illinois native and my screen name across all of the forums has been Dezoris for years now. I adopted the screen name because of a childhood memory that always reminded me of my father.  Seeing the name reminds me of the simpler times, when things were less complicated.

Since I can't live in the past, the lessons that come from it are my guiding light. This is a lead-in for my philosophy, in my articles.

The beauty and failure of internet automotive knowledge is the reader can find everything and nothing. Everyone has an opinion, and there are so many right and wrong answers. How does the enthusiast in today's world sort out fact and fiction?

Thatís a question that I will help to answer in some of my articles. After being on forums for the better half of 7 years now, I understand that is impossible to learn everything and have all the questions answered. Some questions are best answered by the reader, and their own experience.

What I offer the members and enthusiasts, is my perspective and knowledge from my experience in tuning, research and driving. I will do my best to provide the most accurate and detailed information I can, and to help others as I would like to be helped.

There is nothing that can be written that won't be open for debate, there is no one right answer, and that is how I approach my articles.

My Experience

  • Hondavision.com
  • Automotivetech.org
  • Hondalife.com
  • Private Suspension Consultant

Current Vehicles

  • Honda MY02 S2000
  • Honda MY98 Civic
  • Honda MY97 Civic

Event Interests or Recently Attended

  • Fresh Water Tour
  • Salt Creek Sports Car Club Event
  • TSSCC Autox

 My Current Area of Expertise

  • Suspension
  • Tires
  • Hondas
  • Acuras
  • Care Care

I hope that the reader will enjoy and learn something from my articles, and that if there is ever any question to the validity, the forums are a great place to address it. I welcome it and promote this!!!







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