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Author Introduction - Jacob Isaac-Lowry
AutomotiveArticles.com Mission Statement

About Us Last Updated: Aug 16th, 2006 - 11:01:00

AutomotiveArticles.com Mission Statement
By Mike Cervantes
Jul 18, 2004, 02:18

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AutomotiveArticles.com is the online publication of Automotive Network, Inc. (ANI).  Since its inception it has had the simple goal of “keeping the auto enthusiast informed” through quality newsreporting, with previews and reviews   

of the latest vehicles.  In-depth technical reports and news from the tuner industry, combined with a cutting edge analysis of the automotive industry and its impact on the world, will keep its readers right up to date.


Coming from the creators of AutomotiveForums.com, a leader in online automotive discussions on the web, AutomotiveArticles.com will offer its readers the unique opportunity of discussing each and every article it publishes with an enthusiast community of more than 200,000 members  already existing on AutomotiveForums.com.  With AutomotiveArticles.com, readers will not only have the ability to experience the writer’s point of view but also the opinions and interpretations of thousands of other fellow readers.  The result will be a sense of community never before seen in automotive media.  No longer will journalists be able hide behind the pages of a magazine or the screens of computers or televisions.  No longer will editors be able to hide the letters they receive from their readers.  With AutomotiveArticles.com, anything and everything it publishes can (and probably will) be analyzed by the people who matter – you, its readers.


With immediate access to AutomotiveForums.com’s nearly 2.5 million unique visitors every month, AutomotiveArticles.com will hit the ground running.  Its Industry News section will provide coverage of the top stories from the American automotive industry, from domestics to  imports.  Its team of exciting writers will also provide a combination of colorful commentary and analysis that cannot be found anywhere else.  The Previews and Reviews sections will provide prospective buyers and enthusiasts alike with all the information they need to make informed purchases.  The Technical Corner will be the ultimate place for anyone interested in the tuning of cars, with in depth features, parts reviews and tuners' news.  As the globalization of the automotive industry continues, AutomotiveArticles.com's European Diary will provide exclusive coverage of the ever-changing European market, from news to vehicle reviews and editorials, straight from Europe.


Above all else, AutomotiveArticles.com is about the auto enthusiast. The staff consists of Founder/CEO Igor Sushko, Editor-in-Chief Mike Cervantes, European Editor Anthony Matthews and Contributing Editors Brian Ferrari, Pavan Lall, Jacob Lowry and Mark Sanew; all active enthusiasts with the proverbial motor oil pulsing through their veins. They are not simply just committed to informing AutomotiveArticles.com readers through simple articles, but will strive to entertain them and connect with the enthusiast community on AutomotiveForums.com. Their goal is to not to be a distant source of information, but one with the ability to adapt to, and learn from, the opinions of their readers.

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