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Author Introduction - Jacob Isaac-Lowry
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Author Introduction - Jacob Isaac-Lowry
By Jacob Isaac-Lowry
Jul 19, 2004, 04:32

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First off I'm a car nut.  I don't just dream of Ferraris, BMWs and other uber-cars, I live for the technical side - knowing the whys and hows of tuning and tweaking can give you the edge in all things automotive.

I am a recent graduate from the University of Michigan's College of Engineering with a BSE in Mechanical Engineering.  I took several courses in automotive engineering covering:

  • Chassis Design
  • Suspension Design
  • Drivetrain Design
  • Suspension and Ride Analysis
  • Brake Systems
  • Vehicle Dynamics

Not only have I been exposed to the theoretical side of automotive design and engineering, I have also been working and tweaking with my own DSM for years.  This has given me practical experience from the mechanic's standpoint as well.  The combination of both schools of automotive education, I feel, gives me a unique perspective that enables me to understand very technical information.  Accordingly I can present it in a way that is useful and informative to those readers working on their car at home, whether they have a multi-thousand dollar chassis dyno or not.

Readers of AutomotiveArticles.com can expect a variety of articles from me in the Technical Articles, Tech Check, and Project Cars sections of the Technical Corner of AA.  Topics ranging from intake manifold design and tuning to the proper mounting of sway bars will be covered.  I just hope you can enjoy the write ups as much as I enjoy doing the research.


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