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AA Presents: 2004 SEMA Show

Automotive Industry News : SEMA Show Last Updated: Aug 28th, 2006 - 01:36:21

SEMA 2004: New 4x4 & Off Road Product Updates
By Jacob Isaac-Lowry
Nov 14, 2004, 23:21

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Over the course of the weeklong convention the officials at SEMA take their time and select a several new products as this year's 'Best of'. To pick the best new products, the thousands of new releases displayed at SEMA are organized into several different categories. These categories include: the best new interior, best exterior product, performance products, 4X4 & off-road products, trailers and towing, marine products, etc. All in all there are fifteen different SEMA product categories. After digging up the SEMA picks, we took to the convention floor to personally take a look at these products and offer a little bit more information about our favorites.

Out of the fifty odd new products selected by SEMA as 'Best New 4x4 & Off Road Products of 2004' we found and selected our own Top 10. By taking an up close look at each of the different featured items, we chose our own Top 10 list based on the originality of the product, its potential influence in the tuner market, and most importantly the kick-ass factor. Without further ado, we present:

AutomotiveArticles.com Presents the Best of SEMA!
At the convention the SEMA officials present dozens of Best New Product Awards to manufacturers in several different catagories. While the SEMA awards list contains hundreds of products, we went the extra mile and sifted through all the material to make our own Best Of list.
>>>Check out the official SEMA list<<<

The AutomotiveArticles.com 10 Best New 4x4 & Off Road Products for 2004

Amsoil New Gear Oil
AMSOIL Severe Gear Synthetic Extreme Pressure (EP) Lubricants are premium grade lubricants specifically engineered for maximum performance in severe duty applications. These state-of-the-art AMSOIL formulations feature an exclusive blend of high viscosity, shear stable synthetic base oils and an extra treatment of high-performance additives. AMSOIL Severe Gear Synthetic EP Lubricants maintain their viscosity for long-lasting protection against metal-to-metal contact. The proprietary AMSOIL additives form an iron-sulfide barrier coating on gear surfaces, providing the ultimate line of defense against wear, pitting and scoring. AMSOIL Severe Gear lubricants prevent "thermal runaway" - a phenomenon caused by a lubricant's inability to control friction and increased heat under high-stress conditions. By preventing thermal runaway, AMSOIL Severe Gear Synthetic EP Lubricants inhibit rapid lubricant degradation and component damage. Equipment runs better and lasts longer with AMSOIL Severe Gear Synthetic EP Lubricants.

Use in differentials, manual transmissions or other gear applications where one or more of the following standards are specified: API GL-5 & MT-1, MIL-PRF-2105E, Dana SHAES 234 (Formerly Eaton PS-037) for 250,000 miles, Mack GO-J, Arvin/Meritor 0-76N (75W-90) & 0-76M (75W-140), plus hypoid gear oil specifications from all foreign and domestic manufacturers such as GM, Ford and Daimler Chrysler. Can also be used in rear axles where API Service GL-4 lubricant is recommended.
Amsoil New Gear Oil.
MSD Diesel Electronic Propane Injection
When propane is injected into a turbocharged diesel engine there is a tremendous increase in power and torque! Power isn’t the only benefit as you’ll also gain travel range in your rig with the addition of clean burning propane. MSD’s all new Digital Propane Injection system is the safest propane system available. That’s because MSD uses a closed loop ECM that constantly monitors the engine parameters, such as propane vapor temperature, over-boost and of course rpm, before any propane is allowed to be added to the engine. If the engine management parameters are not met, no propane is used. Or, if you simply do not want to use the system at certain points, it can be disabled with the flip of a switch. This system also has the capabilities to data-log a number of engine parameters. Each DPI system is programmed for each application so there are no jets to drill or external adjustments required. Supplied with mounting brackets and installation instructions.


  • Greatly increase horsepower and torque.
  • Extended travel range between fuel stops.
  • ECM monitors the engine parameters for safe and proper operation.
  • Data log engine parameters to monitor system performance.
  • System can be turned Off with a switch if desired.
  • When you’re towing a heavy load the new MSD DPI system will give you the extra oomph to get up and over the toughest grades. Not only will the power be increased but you’ll be able to run further between fuel stops!

    NOTE: The propane tank must be purchased separately. The tank and installation must meet Federal DOT and NFPA 58 requirements as well as state and local requirements that may apply. Information is available from your local propane professional.
  • MSD Diesel Electronic Propane Injection.
    ExtremeAire Heavy Duty Compressor
    The ExtremeAire Severe Duty Compressor is setting standards for high output compressors. By utilizing a 3/4 horsepower fan cooled motor, overheating is a thing of the past. Designed to fill the largest 4WD tires or the highest-pressure RV tires, this unit can fill tires continuously with no fear of motor burnout. With a 150psi working pressure, you can fill air tanks and run impact wrenches to dismount and mount wheels easily. For clean air in the dirtiest environments, the ExtremeAire uses an oversize UNI-Filter that is crush proof, washable and reusable.

    All major motorcycle teams use UNI-Filters for Baja and motocross racing. In addition, the fan shaft has a sweeper filter to keep dirt and debris out of the motor and brushes, at the same time, allowing moisture and condensation to escape. The ExtremeAire is permanently lubed with sealed bearings so it can be mounted in any position making installation much easier. Every ExtremeAire utilizes stainless steel fasteners Loctited for a long and trouble free life in the highest vibration applications. Uses for the ExtremeAire include 4WD, RV, Agricultural, Construction, Motorsports, etc. No other 12-volt compressor has the speed, continuous duty cycle, output, pressure rating, and reliability that the ExtremeAire can deliver. Tech Specs: - Continuous duty cycle - 3/4 horsepower motor - 30-amp draw at 35psi - 40-amp draw at 150psi - 4 cfm free flow rate - 150psi max working pressure - Can be mounted upside down - 14" long, 6" wide, 9", tall
    ExtremeAire Heavy Duty Compressor.
    Orion Heavy Duty Transfer Case
    The Orion was created to replace stock transfer cases built between the years of 1963 and July of 1980. This case replacement is the same external width, eliminating driveline modifications; however, the drain plug may be approximately 0.500" lower than a stock case. The supplied 4:1 gear set replaces the existing gear set except for the PTO gear or PTO spacer sleeve. It is required that you reuse your stock fasteners, front and rear housings, retainers, shafts, clutch sleeves, and cover plates from your original transfer case. You are supplied a full rebuild kit to replace all bearings, bearing caps, O-rings, seals, and gaskets. Shims for the rear output shaft retainer are also supplied to set the bearing pre-load. Do not discard shims, washers, sleeves, and spacers from yokes and shafts. We have also provided a web site address to an interactive identification page providing actual photos of each component included in your Orion kit.
    Orion Heavy Duty Transfer Case.
    Trax Fuel Monitor
    We'd like to introduce you to Trax-II, Transfer Flow's auxiliary universal fuel system. Trax-II is an updated version of our patented Trax-UFS operating system. Trax-II is a sophisticated computer controlled auxiliary fuel tank system that functions similarly to a computer controlled balance line.

    How does it work? Although it may sound difficult, its rather simple! The Trax-II computer determines the fuel level of the main tank, the level of the auxiliary tank, and the status of the vehicle's fuel system once every few seconds. When necessary, the Trax-II module will turn on the auxiliary fuel pump and transfer fuel to the main tank. The message, "PUMP ON" will be displayed on the dash mounted LCD when this is occurring. The fuel level in the main tank and auxiliary tank will decrease at the same rate. The LCD display will indicate the gallons in the main tank, the auxiliary tank, the combined gallonage, and the operational status of the fuel system. The Trax-II computer will also adjust the OEM fuel gauge accordingly based on the combined total.

    With the addition of Trax-II, there's no need for a toggle switch to flip back and forth between the main and auxiliary tanks. The Trax-II module does the transferring of fuel for you. As an added safety feature, an anti-siphoning device is part of the system so there can never be an overflow of fuel! While a problem is unlikely to occur, a diagnostic mode allows the vehicle's operator to view previously stored diagnostic trouble codes in the Trax-II module. Trax-II comes will our toolbox and fuel tank combos, cross-the-bed fuel tank systems (except our 70 gallon Express system), our wedge fuel tank, Dodge pickup aft axle auxiliary tanks, and our Ford cab chassis auxiliary systems.
    Trax Fuel Monitor.

    Race Runner 2.0 Air Shock
    Sway-A-Way's New 360º Adjustable RaceRunner Shocks

    Sway-A-Way has introduced a new, innovative RaceRunner Shock that provides complete 360º adjustable reservoir placement for easy and secure mounting. Available in their high performance 2" and 2 ½" shocks, the billet aluminum reservoir support "piggybacks" the shock reservoir in any position and provides double the flow rate into the reservoir compared to remote flex lines. Shocks can be used with or without coils and are ideal for sandbuggies, prerunners, and off road racing vehicles. Kits to retrofit existing shocks are also available. Contact your Sway-A-Way dealer or Sway-A-Way direct at (818) 700-9712.
    Race Runner 2.0 Air Shock.
    Bolt On 3-Piston Caliper

    Force 10 Tri-Power 3-Piston Aluminum Caliper

    Performance stopping power for performance vehicles.

    Constructed from: Aluminum
    Number of pistons: 3
    Piston size: 38mm
    Standard finish: Clear anodized
    Optional finishes: Powder coating or polishing

    • A 3-piston caliper with 38mm stainless steel pistons
    • Constructed of aircraft quality aluminum
    • Lightweight aluminum reduces “unsprung weight” for better ride quality
    • Corrosion-free stainless steel pistons minimize heat transfer to the brake fluid for optimum performance
    • Comes standard with a clear anodized finish; optional powder-coating or polishing available
    • DOT design with dust seals
    • Available in Quick Change Aluminum Caliper Replacement Kits for the following vehicles:
      • 1997-03 Corvette
        (This application is a direct replacement for your O.E. caliper. Must be used with stock size rotors.)
    • Front kits currently available for Corvettes, future kits will be available for GM Midsize and Fullsize cars, Late Model Camaro/Firebird, Late Model Mustang and Trucks
    • Use the Product Search located at the top of the page to find brakes for your application
    Bolt On 3-Piston Caliper.
    Superflex U-joint
    Until now, if you needed to run a higher angle in your drive shaft than conventional parts would allow, the only choice was to use Toyota mini-truck components. These were basic light weight parts designed for 1/4 & 1/2 ton vehicles and would not stand up to the demands of to days high horsepower rock crawlers.

    Tom Wood’s Custom Drive Shafts Inc. is pleased to announce and introduce our new and exclusive “Super-Flex”TM Universal Joint in both 1310 and 1350 series. Both joint sizes are considerably stronger than the Toyota joint and do not require any “special” flanges for the transfer case or differential.

    The unique design of off-set trunnions sets the mating yokes further apart than a more conventional joint. This allows for 10 degrees more flexibility than would be otherwise obtainable. While 10 degrees may not sound like a lot, with a 30" drive shaft, this will allow more than 5" of additional droop at your axle prior to binding of the universal joint. Our testing shows that installing this universal joint into standard yokes, the drive shaft will flex to 40 degrees. With a little grind work on the yokes the drive shaft will flex to 45 degrees.

    Real world testing at the recent Supercrawl in Salt Lake City has proven this universal joint does what is supposed to do and is up the most demanding challenges. And of course it carries our famous “Gold Seal”TM warranty.
    Superflex U-joint.
    Tailgate Dropper


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