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AA Presents: 2004 SEMA Show

Automotive Industry News : SEMA Show Last Updated: Aug 28th, 2006 - 01:36:21

SEMA 2004: New Interior & Exterior Product Updates
By Jacob Isaac-Lowry
Nov 16, 2004, 03:06

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Over the course of the weeklong convention the officials at SEMA take their time and select a several new products as this year's 'Best of'. To pick the best new products, the thousands of new releases displayed at SEMA are organized into several different categories. These categories include: the best new interior, best exterior product, performance products, 4X4 & off-road products, trailers and towing, marine products, etc. All in all there are fifteen different SEMA product categories. After digging up the SEMA picks, we took to the convention floor to personally take a look at these products and offer a little bit more information about our favorites.

Out of the hundred new products selected by SEMA as 'Best New Interior and Exterior Products of 2004' we found and selected our own Top 10. By taking an up close look at each of the different featured items, we chose our own Top 10 list based on the originality of the product, its potential influence in the tuner market, and most importantly the kick-ass factor. Without further ado, we present:

AutomotiveArticles.com Presents the Best of SEMA!
At the convention the SEMA officials present dozens of Best New Product Awards to manufacturers in several different catagories. While the SEMA awards list contains hundreds of products, we went the extra mile and sifted through all the material to make our own Best Of list.
>>>Check out the official SEMA list<<<

The AutomotiveArticles.com 10 Best New Interior and Exterior Products for 2004

Gauge Gear Luminescent Light Pod
Street Scene is on the cutting edge, offering these cool luminescent gauge pods. Each gauge overlay comes complete with
  • All the necessary wiring
  • Dash switch-pod to make your truck or SUV gauges change up to 7-different colors. You'll be able to change the color of your gauge cluster to:
    • aqua blue
    • caution yellow
    • evergreen
    • shark blue
    • passion purple
    • race red
    • bright white
  • Available for many late model trucks and SUVs
  • The perfect finishing touch for your interior
  • Only available from Street Scene Equipment
Gauge Gear Luminescent Light Pod.
You just bought a state-or-the-art alarm the chirps, squeals, warbles, tracks, senses, and pages. By the time any of this happens, your window is broken! Consider the ARt of Visual Theft Deterrence. High-Bisibility SCANNERS prevent breakins before they ahppen. SCANNERS are the answer! Whether you choose one of our Hyperbright LED SCANNERS, EL SCANNERS, LASER SCANNERS, or VARAD Flashing LED's, you will have a greater protection than a traditional dash-mounted LED. All SCANNERS models ork with or without an alarm system. SCANNERS are the perfect add-on for factory keyless remote entry systems, as well as vehicle recovery systems. All SCANNERS feature multiple patterns and variable speed selections.
Auto Exotics Interiors
AutoExotics are the ultimate interior options. Whether leather of synthetic, these materials are the next evolution in custom seat design from the pioneers at Katzkin.

Choice has always been the name of the game at Katzkin, and this is no exception. Choose from teh entire spectrum of Katzkin's whopping 70 leahter & vinyl colors to surround your AutoExotics. As always, all rows of seating are included.

How exotic is your design? Pick inserts for a unique, custom look that compliments any interior. Select the AutoExotics Combo to give your interior that extra kick you've been looking for.

Check out the all the AutoExotics options in the Katzkin catalogue.
Auto Exotics Interiors.
Lumnescent Window Tint
Easily installed with a static cling application. A clear film with a patented coating for great visibility. Complete with an installation kit and illuminating light that can be plugged into cigarette lighter or hard-wired with a switchódoes not interfere with vehicle occupant's safety. The coating reacts to the illumination light kit.

When we stopped to take a look a this this, I was really impressed. This stuff is simply sweet. It basically attaches to the glass by static sling, kind of like how that sock sticks to your pants when you pull them out of the dryer. In any event, when the film is plugged into a lighter socket, or hooked up to 12 volts, the film reacts to the luminescent component and the whole thing glows. It looks really cool in the dark as an entire window will light up with an incredibly intricate image. While not something that everyone would be interested in having, this luminescent film was actually really really interesting and could make for a killer touch on a show or serious street vehicle.
Lumnescent Window Tint.
Painless Carbon Fiber Switch Panels
These universal fit switch panels come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Below we listed the major catagories of panels. If you want more informations on all the possible combinations of switches, fuses, and dimensions; check out the website.

Designed with input from some of the best drag racers in the country, Painless switch panels feature: Heavy-duty lightweight non-reflective housing designed to mount to a roll bar using standard metal hose clamps. Lighted rocker switches are color coded for quick visual reference. All circuits individually fused and easily accessible for quick testing and replacement. All units come complete with 18’ of high temp TXL wire using machine applied, vibration resistant, fully insulated terminals.

The most popular switch panels in drag racing today are now even better. These new switch panels feature circuit breakers in place of standard fuses, so if you’re on the line and circuit blows, it can be reset with just a touch. Features also include color-coded lighted rocker switches for easy identification, 18 ft. of the highest grade TXL wire, vibration resistant terminals and a black finish for reduced glare.

Looking to mount your switches in the dash rather than on a roll bar? Then these new non-fused panels are your answer. Available in four, six or eight switch versions, these heavy-duty, light-weight panels are pre-assembled with vibration-resistant terminals and 18 feet of the best high temperature wire available.

Ideal for race or street cars, off-road and trucks or utility vehicles, these proven switch centers from Painless are just what you need. These anodized, brushed aluminum panels are available in four, six and eight switch versions. Painless toggle switch panels feature: Heavy-duty lightweight non-reflective housings designed to mount to the dash or to a roll bar using standard metal hose clamps. All circuits individually fused and easily accessible for quick testing and change. All units come complete with 18’ of high temp TXL wire using machine applied, vibration resistant, fully insulated terminals.

For the racer who prefers a toggle switch but wants the protection of built-in circuit breakers. These new switch panels feature circuit breakers that can be reset with just a touch. Features brushed aluminum finish, 18 feet of the highest grade TXL wire, vibration resistant terminals.

Our basic non-fused toggle panel kits. Features brushed aluminum finish, 18 feet of the highest grade TXL wire, vibration resistant terminals and premium grade toggle switches. Comes with peel and stick labels for custom wiring.
Painless Carbon Fiber Switch Panels.
Overdose Wheels

17 x 7
18 x 7.5
Available Colors

Black Overdose
Hyper Black Overdose
Hyper Black
Gunmetal Overdose
Gun Metal
Silver Overdose

We decided to stop by the Tenzo booth to check out a couple of their new releases, primarily their next generation racing seats. However, after discovering that the SEMA officials had named the Overdose wheel on of the best products, we headed back to take a closer look at this wheel.

What we can tell you is that these rims are even more impressive in person than they are in any photo we have seen. They have a singularly unique styling that makes them both instantly recognizeable and uncommonly exotic. As with most Tenzo stuff, the price won't break your wallet. If you are interested in a set of wheels that will set your vehicle apart from the rest AND want to have enough money left over to buy a set of tires, these new Tenzo Overdose wheels are just what the doctor ordered.
Overdose Wheels.
Color Storm Neons
ColorStorm™ is the newest addition to the StreetFX™ line-up, and it is changing the way under-car lighting has been designed.

ColorStorm has taken color changing car lighting systems to an unmatchable level. The ColorStorm system allows users to choose colors using ColorStorm's 16 million color resolution and various programmable effects by taking advantage of the exclusive Color Remix™ technology and Bass Reactive Music Interface.

Because it features the state-of-the-art StormView™ color changing IR receiver which allows the driver to have an in-car view of the current under car color or lighting effect, the ColorStorm is unlike anything the market has seen.

This technology of both the four and 10 piece sets allows users to control its effects by using a credit-card thin remote control, to create custom light shows and strobes, and to select the speed of pre–programmed lighting effects. Three Bass Reactive modes pulse the lights to the beat of the music coming from the car’s stereo system.

  • 16 million color resolution
  • Programmable effects to customize your look
  • Color Remix technology
  • Bass Reactive Music Interface
  • StormView color changing IR receiver (in car)
  • Four and 10 piece sets
  • Credit-card thin remote control
  • Color Storm Neons.
    Nissan 350Z LED Badge
    These trick little add-ons are the closest to an effortless install as you can get. The install is a snap, the emblem fits right in place of the existing one but includes your pick of background lighting. The booth at SEMA had a handful of these on display as well as some of the other niftly little appearance mods this company makes for other makes and models. Comparing the price and ease of installation to the dramatic external change these emblems create, it becomes pretty easy to see why we picked them as one of our favorite products. Check out the pictures below for a better idea of what the Z fender emblem looks like installed:

    Don't believe how easy the installation is? Here is proof.
    Nissan 350Z LED Badge.
    Roadster Valet Trailor
    Introducing the Roadster Valet™ – Autumn 2004

    Our debut trailer is a work of art for premium mid-sized sedans. With a design influenced by the leading vehicles in its class, The Roadster Valet delivers an aesthetically beautiful six-wheel automotive experience when custom automotive painted to the passenger sedan it trails. Looks are everything and this is a trailer that makes a high styled first impression.

    Measuring 77.25” in length from hitch coupler to rear bumper, the Roadster Valet is typically less than half the length of a mid-sized sedan. The short 19” tongue gives the feeling that you’re not towing a trailer at all. In sum, its compact profile is nothing short of striking.

    The width of the Roadster Valet is the average width of a mid-sized sedan or 66.0” from east to west. Similarly, the height of the RV from where rubber hits the road to the top of the trunk lid is 38.5”, approximately as it is for most sedans in class. Driving behind this trailer is pleasingly deceptive as a result – it just doesn’t appear the vehicle in front of you is towing anything. When being passed on the highway, a Roadster Valet owner will come to expect gaping mouths and “oh my gosh!” type utterances.

    The Roadster Valet’s trunk lid consists of double reinforced fiberglass composite and weighs in at a heavyweight 37 pounds. With its vehicle hinges and air compression struts, the trunk lid opens and closes like a premium mid-sized sedan trunk lid should. The lighted license plate housing and the key lock & latch hardware are solidly built-in as you would expect them to be. Same goes with the taillights and the trailer’s electrical wiring system. High standards all.

    You acquire a Second Trunk Trailer for storage space and the Roadster Valet delivers it in spades with a cavernous 25.0 cubic feet of interior cargo space: 150% more packing area than you get with the average mid-sized sedan trunk.

    The floor of your Roadster Valet features a recessed rail track system with flush-mounted clips to attach the bungee cords that come with your trailer. This allows you to tie down individual pieces of trunk cargo in a myriad of configurations, a secure benefit irregardless of load capacity.

    Two leather pocket bags are mounted to the side walls to provide a convenient storage area for maps, CDs and other small miscellany. Attached with snaps to the wheel wells, you can remove these leather pocket bags and take them with you.

    Connecting a device to the rear end receiver puts a spotlight on another Second Trunks innovative feature -- the trap door housing in the trunk floor of the Roadster Valet. Open the trap door, insert the safety clip into the tow bar and then shut the trap door all without getting on your back or knees like you usually have to secure tow bar safety clips.

    All Second Trunk Trailers feature a standard 2” receiver that is artfully architected through a square hole in the fiberglass rear bumper. This receiver is designed to hold optional bike & ski rack mounts as well as to attach our Vertical Hold accessory which enables you to store your trailer upright in your garage. Be aware though – with a Roadster Valet & bike rack in tow, you’ll find yourself carting your friends’ and family’s bikes around on more weekend outings.

    A strong trunk deserves a powerful frame and the Roadster Valet’s diamond-shaped chassis is that. The main longitudinal rail is constructed with 0.238” ASTMA500(B) cold-formed steel tubing that has a bending strength of 20 times the requirement of a fully-loaded 1,400 pound trailer. The fact that the RV weighs in at a road-sturdy 535 pounds when empty simply means we overbuilt this trailer on purpose. Pound for pound, you won’t find a more solid trailer in the marketplace.

    Fixed axles are common in utility trailers, especially small ones. That’s why the Roadster Valet comes with independent suspension. Each wheel of the RV acts independent of the other, just like it does in your car. Our single-axle IS incorporates Goodyear-engineered Flexride® technology in a custom design we call Rubber Torsion Independent Suspension or RTIS™. It makes for a road handling difference you can feel (or more succinctly “not feel”) when towing your Second Trunk Trailer.

    The Roadster Valet comes standard with alloyed rims and premium quality tires. The clean wheel design complements many of the rims & tires featured in the mid-sized sedan class. Optimally, though, we can custom match your RV with the exact rims & tires that are on your car. This would make for six-wheel automotive system design nirvana. It’s an attractive call. Yours.

    The standard RV comes with a five lug nut rim that many mid-sized passenger sedans use. If you drive one of these vehicles, your car’s spare tire will replace a Roadster Valet’s tire flat. Other cars have slightly different rim configurations, and if you have one of these, we can provide you with a billet accessory that will take your car’s spare tire. Or, if you prefer, we can supply you with an extra RV spare tire. Regardless, the lug nut wrench supplied inside your trunk lets you take off your flattened trailer tire in order that you can drive it in your car to the nearest fix-it place. For many, that eventuality would work just fine.

    Our Vertical Hold accessory will become a dream come true for many city dwellers who know firsthand the limitations of living within tight spaces. This sturdy option permits you to securely and safely stow your Roadster Valet in an upright position. This will allow the parking of your mid-sized passenger sedan plus your Second Trunk Trailer in the typical one-car garage because your trailer will only require 3.5 x 5.5 feet of floor space.

    The Vertical Hold consists of an electric winch & skid caster system. The winch bolts to your garage wall and is controlled by the flip of a switch. The skid caster bar attaches to the rear end receiver. It protects the trailer from hitting the ground.

    Lastly, Second Trunk Trailers only work with industry-leading towing products manufactured by companies like Hidden Hitch, Draw-Tite, Curt and Da’Lan. These leading suppliers provide hitches, receivers, couplers and other tow products specifically made for your make & model of passenger sedan vehicle. We will identify your car’s correct tow package and supply you with everything else you need to be road-ready. A significant note – when packed to maximum weight guidelines, The Roadster Valet will always come well within the gross vehicle weight (GVW) requirements mandated by your vehicle manufacturer and tow package provider.
    Roadster Valetg.
    Bumble Bee Camera With License Plate Bracket
    The Panasonic TWCC200BMT Color CCD Camera is the ultimate in rear vision convenience. This model automatically adjusts light sensitivity for better viewing at night. The compact design offers good flexibility for all applications.

    Click here for Camera Specifications

    In our opinion, this system is the forefront of technology when it comes to rear mounted cameras. If you vehicle did not come from the factory with a reverse camera system and you want one, this is the product you need. The camera has an incredibly crisp high res picture that automatically adjusts to light conditions to provide the operator with optimum visibility. After looking at some of the other equipment on display, the "Bumble Bee" Camera is definitely the most practical product avaialable.

    Bumble Bee Camera With License Plate Bracket.

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