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Technical Corner Last Updated: Oct 18th, 2015 - 15:32:18

Technical Corner : Technical Articles
Braking Basics and Break in Practice
In this article we will look at what is important in stopping a vehicle and what factors are involved. The reader should remember the concepts behind braking in this article. These concepts are universal, no matter what vehicle, we talk of, improving stopping distance is a matter of applying applications based on driving habits and driving conditions.

Jul 18, 2004, 22:49 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Tech Check
Honda Camber Kit Guide

This article will help Honda and Acura owners decide on a Camber kit based on their application with a healthy breakdown of why they are recommended.

Jul 18, 2004, 21:48 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Tech Check
Reading Tire Temperatures
Learning to understand the process of reading tire temperatures can seem a little perilous to the inexperienced, but with the help of this article hopefully you will be able to get your feet wet and set you car up to handle better all at the same time.

Jul 18, 2004, 16:36 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Subaru WRX
Intro to the Project WRX

Another recent addition to the AF project family, we have big plans for this bone stock WRX.  Watch the progress of this car as we provide dyno numbers, install histories, and complete product reveiws. 

Jul 18, 2004, 16:28 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Feature Car
John Bidwell's Red S-10 Pickup

Check out Automotive Articles very first car of the week.  This red S-10 pickup is owned by member John Bidwell.  It features such mods as....

Jul 18, 2004, 16:13 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Eclipse GS-T
2G DSM Project Car Intro
This factory green 1997 Eclipse GS-T has already been extensively modified by its owner.  Stay tuned as we turn this stock appearing street beast into capable road racing machine putting down a dyno proven 400+ pump gas horsepower!

Jul 18, 2004, 15:56 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
New AF 350Z Video
AF 350Z Project Vehicle Video (Vol. 1) is now available for download! 5 min 29 sec, .wmv format, 12.3 MB ZIP archive
Jul 18, 2004, 14:06 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Tilton Clutch and Flywheel Installed
The Twin-Plate Carbon/Carbon clutch and lightweight flywheel arrived from Tilton Racing in the mid-afternonn on June 3rd. We had to install it before the departure to New York, as we had to get there by the evening of the 4th.
Jul 18, 2004, 14:03 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Body Repairs Done at Street Sports
 The body repairs began at Street Sports today in preparation for the Players Run. A new left-front fender was acquired from a local Nissan dealership and Jon began the work of fixing the infinitely numerous number of damage spots on the bumper along with replacing the fender.
Jul 18, 2004, 13:57 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Greddy Turbo Timer
Nick Walker of Street Sports installed the Greddy Turbo Timer in the center console for elegant, almost-concealed looks.

Jul 18, 2004, 13:53 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Short Shifter Install
We would like to thank David Zeckhausen of Zeckhausen Racing for sending us the Rogue Engineering Short Shifter for the AF 350Z Project.
Jul 18, 2004, 13:52 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Return to SR Racing
The AF Z yet again traveled to SR Racing for another dyno tune session to ensure that no troubles will be experienced during the Players Run, which takes place from June 5-12.

Jul 18, 2004, 13:49 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Supercharger Dyno

The car received a dyno tune at SR Racing's facility. The Split Second box that comes with the Vortech Supercharger allows alteration of the fuel map and timing retard. After about 2 hours of tuning, the car gained nearly 30whp at top end, and a significant area difference under the curve.

Click on Chart to Enlarge

Comparison of Dyno Graphs - Before and After Tuning

Jul 18, 2004, 13:47 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Wheels, Tires, Suspension, Oh My!
 Today, the new Yokohama tires and BBS wheels finally went on the car.  In addition, the KW suspension was installed along with some nice 60mm Greddy gauges.
Jul 18, 2004, 13:35 - [ Discuss this story ]

Technical Corner : Project Cars : Nissan 350Z
Project Z Updates
Some recent updates about the project Z.  Come check out the direction the 350Z is headed.
Jul 18, 2004, 13:33 - [ Discuss this story ]

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